Are you struggling to find new recruits and looking to bring more diverse talent into your tech business or department? Tech Set Go! is an experimental programme funded by government which aims to address local digital skills shortages by engaging a greater variety of people in training to help prepare them for roles in the digital sector.

People will be engaged through digital making and drop-in events across Sheffield City Region, with one-to-one assessments and fun taster activities. After this, people will be offered a shortened, eight-week version of the Developer Academy’s web development course, free of charge. This training has been developed with local employers covering not only tech skills but also how to work in a commercial environment using industry tools. This will be followed by a two-week simulated work experience where participants will work in teams on real-life projects from employers. At the end, participants should be ready to be interviewed for entry-level roles including apprenticeships.

Targets for the training are the types of people currently under-represented in the tech sector: primarily women and those who are neurodiverse with an aptitude for tech. Although the programme will focus on these groups, it will be open to any adult over the age of 18 who is currently under-employed in a low-skilled job, or unemployed. Engagement events will be located in areas of deprivation to open up opportunities to those who would typically miss out.

Benefits to tech sector employers will be:

  • Alternative source of talent
  • Cost-effective recruitment opportunity
  • More diverse workforce bringing fresh perspectives
  • Opportunity to engage and influence the programme training
  • CPD development opportunity for staff to mentor participants


Opportunities for you to get engaged

Local businesses have already been involved in helping to shape the content of the training. We are hoping you will want to engage too. Opportunities include:

  • Drop in to meet and chat with participants on the engagement events or during the eight-week developer course
  • Offer to mentor participants
  • Provide a real-life project for the simulated work experience
  • Host some of the participants on a short visit to your business
  • Offer to participate in a video project to film a series of companies and job roles to showcase the industry


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