February 18, 2020

Meet Laure Joanny, 25, who attended the Women-only Web Development Course

Laure is currently studying a Postgraduate Degree in Social Sciences at The University of Sheffield, with little tech experience prior to the course. Tech Set Go and Sheffield Digital promoted the course through their social media platforms, to create awareness and to encourage women to sign up. The purpose of the course is to improve women’s web development skills to make them more employable, particularly in jobs within the tech sector.

The Tech Set Go web development course was run by The Developer Academy, which specialises in providing flexible learn-to-code courses.

She says: “I heard about the Web Development course through Sheffield Digital, as I attended their events and regularly follow their social media. I wanted to get a better understanding of the world of tech and gain some valuable technical skills.”

Laure commented: “I wanted to acquire some coding skills because I think they’re really in demand on the job market now and you can use them in a range of jobs. I thought that having the skills to create my own website or to present stuff online might help with that.”

During the last two weeks of the course there was a project set by an employer, Twinkl; an educational publishing house, producing teaching and educational materials. The brief was to produce their own three-page website, which Laure enjoyed creating and loved building her technical skills. The aim of the project was to build the women’s commercial experience to make them more employable within the tech sector.

She says: “Everyone was incredibly supportive on the course and enjoyed working with individuals who had different interests and backgrounds but had the same experience of coding as her.”

Speaking about the benefits of attending the course run by The Developer Academy, Laure said “I’m interested in how quickly it can provide ways for people to communicate and express themselves. I like learning about the practical tools.”

Laure says: “The Women’s Only Web Development Course was a great opportunity to meet other like-minded, motivated women, who want to develop tech and coding skills.” She added: “It’s empowering to work within a women’s only environment and it’s great seeing everyone being interested in learning new skills.”

Laure is looking forward to using her technical skills acquired from the course to find a job in the future and to help others who want to gain web development experience.

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