March 11, 2020

We met Paul Antcliffe at the Barnsley Digital Media Centre (DMC) for the Web Development course run by The Developer Academy on behalf of the Tech Set Go project. The course is designed to help a wide range of people from the community to learn to code and build their own website. It is part of a funded project to test out new ideas for helping people to gain skills for careers in the tech sector.

Paul says: “I live in Sheffield and I am currently working as a swimming teacher. I had little knowledge of web development prior to attending the course, however I was keen to build on my technical skills.”

Paul says: “I was enthusiastic about using the skills gained on the course to make a website to showcase my roles within Sheffield. I saw the course advertised on Facebook, and knew it was a great opportunity to explore, as web design has always fascinated me. My son did a computer apprenticeship, which has also inspired me to gain some experience within the tech industry.”

He says: “I knew it was going to be difficult, as we’re learning to code in different formats. However, each week I’ve learnt a little bit more. Having activities to do at home also helped me to revise and refresh what I’d learnt that day.”

At the end of the course, participants were given a brief by a digital agency based in the Digital Media Centre, Genius Division. The brief was to create a website using the skills they had learnt. Paul says: “The project was really good. Our brief was to design a new website for HorrorConUK; a yearly horror convention in Sheffield. The website had to include a homepage, menu structure and several other pages that had to be on brand. I wouldn’t have thought of HorrorCon in a million years, but I loved it!”

The course consisted of a combination of individuals with little experience and those with no experience whatsoever. Paul enjoyed working in teams with new people, as he learnt lots about himself, and is continuing to learn new skills.

He says: “I’d definitely recommend the course to those with a passion for the tech sector. I think it’s a great opportunity to challenge yourself.”


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