March 16, 2020

Meet Elizabeth who attended the Women-only Web Development Course

Elizabeth is a Freelancer and Founder, who gave up her long career within the NHS to work within the digital and tech sector. She spotted that Tech Set Go were advertising a free web development course available to women only and thought it would help her to become more confident in web development.

The aim of the course is to help individuals who are normally under-represented in the tech sector, to become more employable, by helping them learn to code and build their own website. She decided to attend the course as she had previous experience of building her own websites and wanted to develop her technical skills further.

The Tech Set Go web development course was run by The Developer Academy, which specialises in providing flexible learn-to-code courses.  Elizabeth is passionate about the tech sector and is enthusiastic to gain more experience of coding and web development. She says: “I liked the people who taught the course because they’ve been very realistic and helpful.

The purpose of the course is to develop the members technical skills within a relaxed, women’s only environment. Elizabeth says: “It’s not often you take advantage of free opportunities like this, and particularly not to as high quality as this. I would recommend because it’s a very good entry level, very practical, realistic approach to learning how to build and develop your website and do a bit of coding.”

Elizabeth says: “I found the web development course particularly useful and worthwhile, despite it sometimes being challenging. It’s been great to meet people and learn new skills. I’ve really amazed myself with what I can do.”

The final part of the course involved an employer within the tech industry setting a project to build the women’s commercial experience. Twinkle; an online educational publishing house, set a brief to create a three-page website from scratch, that was focused around ‘The Teacher of the Year’ competition. Members worked with each other to create their own website and build on their coding skills.

Elizabeth says: “I want to use the valuable technical skills that I have learnt from the course to help keep my business afloat and to keep my start-up going. I recommend the course to all women wanting to gain technical and coding skills within Sheffield.”

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