March 19, 2020

Meet Emily who attended the Women-only Tech Set Go Web Development Course

Emily is Head of Product Development at Chase Research Cryogenics and thought that coding was a skill gap in the company, so wanted to learn some technical skills to build her commercial experience. She had never done any coding in the past, so was enthusiastic to find out what the women’s only web development course was all about. The aim of the course is to help individuals who are typically under-represented in the tech sector, to learn how to design and code, and give them a head start into this innovative industry.

The Tech Set Go web development course was run by The Developer Academy, which specialises in providing flexible learn-to-code courses.

Emily says: “I have learnt some valuable coding skills on the course and think that it has been worthwhile attending. I felt like, as an Engineer, I probably should have learnt something about coding, which I am glad I have done now.”

During the last two weeks of the course, an employer in the tech sector set a brief for the women to complete. Twinkl; an online educational publishing house, set a project brief focused around the ‘Teacher of the Year’ Competition. This involved working in groups to create a three-page website about different aspects of the campaign. Emily says: “I loved working with the others to produce the web pages.”

The web development course has given Emily the confidence to be able to code and build websites. She says: “I’m going to help the company I work at, by using my new technical skills to help on projects. I’d feel confident speaking to a web developer, as I currently have a bit of knowledge about coding and web development, which has been developed through this course.”

Emily says: “I think the course has been beginner-friendly and well-structured and I would highly recommend it to any women with a passion for coding and web development.”

She says: “I think having some HTML knowledge now is useful as I would love to help SME’s by utilising my valuable skills gained from the web development course.”

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