March 25, 2020

The web development course targets individuals who are typically under-represented in the tech sector, such as women, and helps them to build their coding and web development skills. The purpose of the project is to give individuals a head-start into the tech sector, by building their commercial experience.

Hannah says: “The tech sector is incredibly male-dominated, so I’d like more women to go into this industry.”

The Tech Set Go web development course was run by The Developer Academy, which specialises in providing flexible learn-to-code courses.

Face to face support and guidance was offered to all of those on the course, from both instructors and peers. The students were set a project brief by an employer in the tech industry. Twinkl; an online educational publishing house, set a brief to build a three-page website based around a ‘Teacher of the Year’ competition. Hannah says: “Everyone has been really enthusiastic. It’s been good seeing people who came from knowing no code, to building websites.”

Hannah says: “I didn’t do a Computer Science degree, I did a degree in Biology, and then I did a similar learn to code course for women. From there I ended up working in tech.” The web development course is a fantastic opportunity for women, particularly for those with no or little tech experience. Hannah says: “This course is a good starting point and it can lead to people going into tech jobs, which is very good.”

Hannah says: “I strongly advise any women with an interest in coding or web development to participate in the course. Don’t be afraid, because you don’t have to know anything to get onto the course. When I first started learning to code, I’d never done any coding before.”

Hannah says: “I enjoyed teaching the women on the web development course, as there were a range of individuals with different skills and from different backgrounds, which was nice. I would like to see more women get into this industry in the future, and this course is a great starting point for them.”

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