March 30, 2020

Meet Laura, Web Developer from Twinkl, who set a project brief at the Women-only Web Development Course

Laura has been a Web Developer at Twinkl; an online educational publishing house, for the past three years, and originally started at the company as a placement student. During the last two weeks of the web development course, Twinkl set a brief, which involved individuals creating a three-page website focused on the ‘Teacher of the Year’ competition. Laura attended the session during the end of the course to help the women build their websites and was on-hand to offer any advice and technical expertise. The Tech Set Go web development course was run by The Developer Academy, which specialises in providing flexible learn-to-code courses.

Laura says: “I had no previous experience of coding or web development before I joined them, but I was enthusiastic to gain some valuable skills within the tech industry.”

Twinkl decided to get involved with the women’s only web development course, because there’s often a lack of women in tech jobs, therefore it’s important to promote it to this underrepresented group and get the skills out there. Laura says: “I think it’s a good thing to get more people interested in it and to spread the word across Sheffield, as there are always opportunities out there.”
She says: “Being a female coder in the web development industry was quite daunting at first, but once you get into it and meet the people around you, that helped. You get more comfortable as you spend more time there.”

Laura says: “My advice to women who are interested in the web development course, but who may be slightly nervous about it, is to just go for it. If you’ve got any interest in it, then it’s a good thing. It’s always good to learn a new skill, even if it’s not quite what you thought it might be. It’s good to give it a go.”

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