May 6, 2020

We chatted with Ben Atha, Founder of The Developer Academy, about the Tech Set Go web development courses. 

What were your aims for the web development courses?
I wanted to find people with no prior technical experience, who would enjoy coding and want to pursue a career in that sector.

What were the employer projects on the course?
Several employers gave the participants a brief to follow, including The Good Things Foundation, who encouraged members to build a three-page website for Get Online Week. Twinkl came and delivered a similar brief that was focused on The Teacher of the Year Competition, which participants had to complete in groups.

How did the participants find the web development courses?
The participants enjoyed working with new people to share ideas and liked building their team working skills. They found it challenging at times, but loved learning new skills and found the courses to be a great learning experience.

Were your aims achieved on the course?
Yes, we taught digital skills to different people across Sheffield City Region and helped to get them on a pathway towards a job in tech. Some participants are continuing to build their technical skills and are considering completing further online coding courses.

Have you found any opportunities for online coding courses?
There are Free Code Camp and Code Academy online courses available to anyone looking to expand their technical skills.

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